Dates & Venue

Tue, Wed and Thur, 28, 29 and 30 Nov 2017. Emperors Palace, Johannesburg, South Africa.


SA Energy Storage 2017  covers economic, business, environmental, regulatory, research, technology, safety, installation, contracting and application issues of energy storage technologies across the energy, power and electricity sector.

The overall theme for SA Energy Storage 2017 is:

Showcasing energy storage technologies and applications as an enabling and disruptive technology

Within this overall theme, there will be a four, broad sub-themes as follows:

  • Day 1 morning: Utility scale energy storage technologies and applications
  • Day 1 afternoon: Energy storage  for commercial and industrial applications
  • Day 1 workshop: Legal and regulatory framework to make energy storage happen
  • Day 2 morning: Energy storage for micro grids and domestic applications 
  • Day 2 afternoon: Energy storage for electric vehicles
  • Day 2 workshop: Financing and procurement structures to make energy storage happen

Closing summary: The way forward for energy storage in SA to make it happen

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Subject matter

SA Energy Storage 2017 will cover policy, legal, regulatory, economic, social, research, technology, business and application issues associated with Energy Storage, both as a disrupting and an enabling technology, including:

  • Utility scale battery energy storage
  • Utility scale pumped water energy storage.
  • Utility scale railway based potential energy storage.
  • Energy storage for industrial, commercial and domestic applications
  • Energy storage for electric vehicles
  • Energy storage and smart grids
  • Energy storage for microgrid applications
  • Fuel cell energy storage and applications
  • Energy storage for remote power supplies for telecoms and other applications
  • Hydrogen energy storage
  • Integration of energy storage with other flexible generation sources (like power from gas), to compliment variable energy renewable energy (wind, solar) generation.
  • Energy storage for power quality, synthetic inertia and frequency control for power systems
  • UPS and other standby power supply applications
  • Energy storage for consumer electronic products
  • Energy harvesting and storage

Target audience

SA Energy Storage 2017 is a platform for discussing and showcasing energy storage technologies, services and applications.

The target audience includes:

  • Government, government agencies, regulators and standards bodies
  • Academia, research, education and training institutions
  • Electricity utilities, municipalities and electricity distributors
  • Consultants, engineering managers, engineers, technologists, technicians and artisans
  • Developers, technology providers, project companies and system integrators of energy storage and associated systems
  • The renewable energy sector in its widest context
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of energy storage and associated systems, subsystems and components
  • Electrical and mechanical contractors and installers of energy storage and associated systems
  • End-users of energy storage and associated systems

Delegates from across the economic spectrum are welcome.

Enhance your and your organisation’s knowledge of this enabling and disruptive new technology, and the associated business opportunities.